Joe Kious - Gladiators

Gladiator fights in Rome more than 2000 years ago: The subject of many legends and heroic tales. The relentless struggle of man against man, but also head to head matches against wild animals. Engraver Armin Bundschuh masterfully uses designs from this period to set the scene on the Damascus automatic folding knives by Joe Kious (USA) in the shape of a dagger. Long forgotten fighters, heroes and prisoners are brought to life again, engraved with the finest   Bulino technology with 24 karat gold inlays. They gear themselves up to please the audience in the ring at the Coliseum in Rome. After the traditional greeting to the Emperor "Those who are about to die salute you!"  they drew their weapons. Helmets, armour and swords are engraved with the reality of a photo on the knife and depict victories and defeats. Behind the decorative handle, as if caged within the knife, lurk two big cats - a tiger and a leopard - ready to start the fight with gladiators. Only the owner of the knife can free them by opening the decorative handle and releasing them into the Coliseum. 

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