The Engraver

The beauty of engraving

Hunting is as old as mankind. The weapon, with which the hunt commenced, has always had a very special aesthetic value for its owner. Still today, beauty emerges both from the choice of the shaft and from the quality of the engravings. The dream weapon is usually handmade and more than a treat for the eyes. The owner alone can appreciate all of its qualities. It is precisely this enthusiasm for special touches – for individual components, tasteful handmade elements, such as fine design – that influenced my career choice.

Here on my website I will show you a selection of my works. You are cordially invited to follow me across the continents and use your eyes to explore.

I hope you enjoy it – allow yourself to feel inspired!

Please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail or by phone for your personal requirements. I look forward to your enquiry!


Armin Bundschuh

7400 Oberwart,
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