Adihex 2018, „Golden Leopard“

Golden Leopard


The shyest animal of the Big Five is the leopard: nocturnal, silent, and deadly. Legends are told around this big cat, whose elegance and beauty fascinates everyone. Even the engraver Armin Bundschuh, who has dedicated a gun to this cat. The bolt action rifle in calibre .30-06 comes without a floor plate on the underside, therefore avoiding a source of error, which can be very dangerous when hunting in Africa. Otherwise, if the flap opens unintentionally, the cartridges will simply fall out. This rifle is loaded from the top, and the cartridges are removed when it is not in use. This is not only safer, but has also allowed the gunmaker to design a flawless, continuous, uninterrupted stock.  Flowing shapes also cover the handmade barrel: the designs start on the action with octagons, continously shaping into a rounded form. Armin Bundschuh has completely decorated the first angular 20 cm with engravings.  They are composed of traditional scroll designs together with Arabic mosaic motives. Within the ornamentation, miniature decorations of an elegance, usually only found in watch engravings, have been combined with conventional scroll dimensions. The engraver has also used large quantities of gold, fitting really tastefully into the overall image without overloading it. In addition to the elaborate decoration of the butt plate and barrel, the main focus is on the pistol grip cap: the leopard which lends its name to this rifle holds an impala in its grip - masterfully engraved in 24 carat gold. A scene which symbolises hunting within the African fauna in its purest form. 

All in all, a beautiful weapon, which becomes a unique piece due to the combination of its individualised construction together with technically sophisticated engravings.  

This elegant bolt action rifle also includes a hunting knife to complete the set. The knife is made of a single piece of hand-forged damascus steel with 360 layers. The knifemaker Luca Distler - MesserWerk/Germany has paid particular attention to combining a stable, functional design with an aesthetic shape. The handle is made of fine mother-of-pearl.

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