Adihex 2015, "African Twins - Bullet and Blade"

The African Savannah. The sun sets slowly with a bright red glow. And daylight gives way to dusk. The sound of birds chirping soon gives way to the sound of the night. The hour of the big cats has just begun. Lions and leopards come out to hunt impala, warthog and buffalo. Silently, crouched and dangerous - but also beautiful, noble and elegant. This breath-taking atmosphere is presented by the Austrian master engraver, Armin Bundschuh on two bolt-action rifles and the accompanying beautifully matching knives. Manufactured from the finest materials and engraved with infinite and meticulous care.

The beautiful .270 Win and calibre .375 H&H Magnum rifle pair is suited to the entire range of safari hunting - from dainty antelope to the big game can all be hunted on the African continent - with these two rifles.

Both rifles were made by the gunmaker Paul Paternoss in Austria.  The .375 H&H Magnum is decorated with ornamental gold inlays. On the magazine cover, those in the know, will immediately spot the photorealistic engraving of a lion’s head. The pistol grip cap shows the silhouette of the African continent and an outline of a buffalo. Located on the shaft end is an octagonal plate of solid 18 carat gold – perfectly matching the lion's head. The colour-case-hardened surface of the action completes the overall noble impression of this desirable weapon.

 This rifle is accompanied by a fully integral knife made of Damascus steel, hardened to 61 HRC by Stefan Gobec (Austria).  The handle part is made of a special material, called mokume-gane. It is made in a way similar to Damascus steel, but with fine gold and different gold alloys. Only a handful of people around the world are trained in the manufacturing of mokume. The Austrian Johannes Ebner is a renowned specialist in making mosaik damask and mokume-gane. He has made this handle material by hand. The colour of this material blends in beautifully with the colours of the weapons' colour-case hardening.

The second rifle, a calibre .270 Win has on its magazine cover the head of a leopard with the clearly visible fangs. At the bottom on the pistol grip cap, there is another reference to the African continent; this time to harmonise with the calibre, the silhouette of an impala.

The weapon is completed by a damask knife with gold fittings (built by Luca Distler, Messer Werk, Germany) and a truly masterful engraving of a leopard's head by Armin Bundschuh. The damask is handmade and forged from 360 layers of steel. The hardness of the cutting strip is 61 HRC. The fittings are made from 18 carat solid gold, while the handle is made from polished buffalo horn.

600 grams of 24 carat fine gold were used in total during this exclusive project.

Both weapons with corresponding knives form a beautiful unity - like an African dream made of steel and wood.

And once the sun has disappeared behind the horizon, the campfire flickers and hunting stories are told over a glass of whiskey, these noble masterpieces will preserve the safari dream forever.

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